My Brand New, No Holds Barred 30-Day Bodyweight Workout Challenge to Get You Stronger, More Defined & Increase Your Metabolism.

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What's In The Challenge?

When You Join The Kick Corona in The Dick 30-Day Challenge You Get...

✔️The Kick Corona in The Dick Challenge Manual with 30 quick, effective, high intensity bodyweight workouts designed to get you leaner, stronger, more defined and increase your metabolism.

✔️9 Bonus Bodyweight Workouts with an emphasis on working and strengthening your glutes, abs, arms & shoulders.

✔️Instructional Videos for Every Single Workout!

✔️FREE 30 Days of Unlimited Access to My Inner Circle which has hundreds of comprehensive strength and metabolic workouts, hundreds of recipes for fat loss and muscle gain, and the single most positive, supportive and encouraging online community in the world.

✔️A FREE Copy of My Complete Calorie Cycling for Fat Loss Nutrition Manual in which I'll teach you how to use the 3 most effective calorie cycling protocols to help you burn fat and get stronger without starving yourself (and actually being able to enjoy your favorite foods).

✔️Learn how to track your calories so you can lose fat, get stronger and enjoy your favorite foods without starving yourself into insanity. Nutrition is supposed to be a part of your life, not your every waking moment.

Calorie Cycling for Fat Loss Nutrition Manual [$99 VALUE!]

This comes FREE with your challenge! Learn how to calorie cycle correctly, to lose stubborn fat. We'll teach you how to create your own unique calorie cycling formula based around the proven nutrition practices that we both teach & use.

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What's the Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is where I show you how to eliminate stubborn body fat, increase your metabolism & build strong, defined muscles without starving yourself into oblivion. You get unlimited access to all of my best workouts, nutrition plans, healthy fat loss recipes and, literally, everything you will ever need to burn fat, build muscle and increase your confidence.

With your free month in the Inner Circle you’ll immediate access to my ebook Metabolic Meltdown: A 30-Day Metabolic Conditioning Course for Fat Loss + everything else you see below (and more!):

Why Are We Putting On This Challenge?


Who can do this?


Do I need equipment?


What if I do have equipment?

Within the Inner Circle you’ll have access to both minimal equipment and full gym equipment programs ;)

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"The last time I looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw was about a year ago. I’m the strongest mentally and physically I’ve ever been in my life and I have Jordan to thank for that."


"I was 15 the last time I weighed what I weigh now. I’m the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life. If you’re considering working with Jordan, don’t hesitate! He’s a wizard! "

- Lisa

"Working with him and going through his program has been an absolute delight. I have reached an “iron” age where results don’t come easy anymore yet I broke through all plateaus and can honestly say that I am the strongest I’ve been in 20 years. "

- Alessandro

"I have never had so much confidence in myself, I just feel amazing. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s only getting better. Thanks again Jordan for helping me become this awesome, confident girl!"

- Marlee