Kick Corona in the D*ck (30 Day Bodyweight Program)

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✔️The Kick Corona in The Dick Challenge Manual with 30 quick, effective, high intensity bodyweight workouts designed to get you leaner, stronger, more defined and increase your metabolism.

✔️9 Bonus Bodyweight Workouts with an emphasis on working and strengthening your glutes, abs, arms & shoulders. 

✔️Instructional Videos for Every Single Workout

✔️FREE 30 Days of Unlimited Access to My Inner Circle  

✔️Learn how to create sustainable, long-lasting results

✔️Learn how to stay on track while still enjoying your life. 

✔️ *Bonus: 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Protocol ($97 value!) 

✔️ *Bonus: Complete Metabolic Power Workout Manual ($114 value!) 


Whats the Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is where I show you how to eliminate stubborn body fat, increase your metabolism & build strong, defined muscles without starving yourself into oblivion. You get unlimited access to all of my best workouts, nutrition plans, healthy fat loss recipes and, literally, everything you will ever need to burn fat, build muscle and increase your confidence.



Who can do this?


Do I need equipment?


What if I do have equipment?

Within the Inner Circle you’ll have access to both minimal equipment and full gym equipment programs ;)

Why did we make this program?

Mainly because Corona deserves to be kicked square in the d*ck.

Also (and equally important), because even though most people want to workout and get stronger and focus on their health... they aren't doing it.

So, we created this 30-Day Bodyweight Workout Program so you (and everyone) can light a fire under your tuchus to get motivated.

No guess work. No ambiguity. Open your manual every day. Do the workout. Get 1% better. And start making the decisions that make you proud of yourself.

If that sounds good to you... we want to help you do it.